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Sede RenderFarm Esterno

The Renderfarm division stems from a big goal thought and started way back in 2009 when the company ‘s engineering and architecture GPG Engineering services srl now firmly entrenched in all major facets of the design thought to support the technical nature of the same to the communicative image and the revealing of the animations ; He founded the Renderfarm LTD

Given the excellent results achieved over the years and the desire to strengthen and further expand the experience and partnerships – as happened then with MM SpA within the Expo 2015 – in 2014 the Renderfarm Srl officially it became an integral part of the parent compan.

Efforts were made in the enhancement of knowledge in the field of 3D software , special interest was shown for < strong> 3ds Max < / strong > , one of the most popular software on the market for the creation of 3D environments both static and dynamic , thanks to the power of editing at its disposal and deep computing capability ( through engines such as mental ray and v- ray ) ; but he continued to work with other major software such as Cinema 4D , Revit , RealFlow , Civil 3D etc .. as well as in drafting the post – production through software like Photoshop , Illustrator , Premier ecc..così can enhance quality and product communication.

Hardware configurations were improved with the aim of having a good computing power . By creating a ” network computing ” multiple CPUs are engaged in parallel being drawn final rendering / animation , this provides a good value for time allowing the customer greater control of the results and to optimize production costs.

Particular attention is paid to customer needs in order to prepare a good job not only in terms of technical quality but also in terms of communication . A working team provides excellent results , as each company figure can contribute according to what are their capabilities and skills for the benefit of the same result required by the client.

Of great importance for the company is the use of structured projects Renderfarm division within the company itself or in partnership with other companies , with criteria and procedures BIM ( Building Information Modeling ) because if It recognizes the value and importance to production quality . A sensitive historical analysis of the development of the design method in the world has led us to understand the importance and the desire is to be screened in innovation and in the inevitable change . This has led to a further development of the division Renderfarm not only from the conceptual point of view but also from the technical point of view , the training and production.